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JT1402 Air Velocity Sensor

Model: JT1402

The JT1402 breeze sensor is developed based on the basic principle that the high-sensitivity thermistor loaded with current has a corresponding functional relationship with the wind speed. The sensor has the characteristics of omnidirectional test and fast response time, and can quickly capture the dynamic changes of tiny air flow, and can measure the wind speed as low as 0.05m/s, which is suitable for the test scene of slight wind speed in the environment,

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  • JT1402 omnidirectional wind speed sensor (probe, without transmitter)

    JT1402 has various standard signal outputs such as RS485, 4-20mA, 0-10V, etc. The sensor adopts a split structure design, the sensor part is a rod-shaped structure with a ball cage type protective cover, and is connected to the processing circuit through an extension lead.
    The casing is designed with high protection level, and there are two specifications with display and without display. The installation forms include guide rail installation and wall installation, which are suitable for long-term on-line wind speed test places.
  • Split design: convenient for probe arrangement.
    Omnidirectional test: 360° has good consistency.
    High response: Response speed up to 0.2s (t63)
    High precision: Can pass the test of the national metrology institution
    Standard output: Standard Modbus RS485, 4-20mA, 0-10V output

    Field of application:
    Dynamics with small temperature changes and large wind speed fluctuations Wind field, especially for places with high requirements for wind speed response speed.
    On-line monitoring and control of building ventilation environment, air velocity control in workshops and production lines, and air velocity control in clean rooms.
  • Omnidirectional test, no directional constraints: stable directional response,
    high response speed
    Quick Response
    JT1402 has a very high response speed, and can detect weakly changing airflow, which makes the wind speed sensor suitable for precision machining Production line wind speed measurement, wind tunnel calibration, tobacco processing, tea processing and storage, aerospace, agriculture and other airflow research and control fields.
  • Wind speed probe size

    JT1402 is one of the most widely used wind speed sensors, with excellent performance in measurement accuracy and wind speed responsiveness.
  • Specifications Size

    Compact and sturdy shell
    The shell of the host with a display is made of all metal, with high-level protection, and can adapt to long-term work in harsh environments. The host without a display is a waterproof and dustproof resin shell, which is smaller in size Easier to arrange.
Technical Parameters
Parameter name
Technical indicators
structure type
Split structure, omnidirectional test
Wind speed range
0-20m/s (0-30m/s can be customized)
Wind Speed ​​Accuracy
0.05-2.0m/s ±(0.05 m/s+2% of reading)  >2.0 ±(0.1 m/s±2% of reading)
Wind speed resolution
Response time
(t63, 1m/s wind speed, 25°C)
Adaptive Test Module
Optional JT6070, JT6071
supply voltage
Refer to the selected test module
Wind temperature range
Wind temperature accuracy
±1°C(<1m/s); ±0.5°C(>1m/s)
Wind temperature resolution
use environment
Probe -25—80°C; 0—90%RH
non-condensing state
Temperature compensation
Interface form
bare wire connector
Structural material
Stainless steel
degree of protection
storage temperature
Test Module/Transmitter Specifications
product picture
output RS485 (optional 0-10V; 4-20mA)
OLED display
supply voltage
Rated power consumption
use environment
Interface form
bare wire connector
aluminum alloy
degree of protection
storage temperature