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JT1401 Wind Speed Sensor

Model: JT1401

The JT1401 breeze sensor is developed based on the basic principle that the high-sensitivity thermistor loaded with current has a corresponding functional relationship with the wind speed. The sensor has the characteristics of omnidirectional test and fast response time, and can quickly capture the dynamic changes of tiny air flow, and can test the wind speed as low as 0.05m/s, which is suitable for the test scene of slight wind speed in the environment, especially the building microclimate environment test.

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Product Introduction
  • The JT1401 breeze sensor has the characteristics of omnidirectional testing and fast response, and can quickly capture the dynamic changes of tiny air flows. It is mainly used in the development of anemometer and the test of multiple sets, and it is mostly used for environmental thermal comfort testing.
  • Omnidirectional test: 360° has good consistency.
    High sensitivity: can identify the dynamic change of wind speed of 0.01m/s
    High response: the response speed can reach 0.2s (t63) High precision
    : can pass the test of the national metrology institution
    Standard output: standard Modbus RS485 communication
    Compact structure: sensor and acquisition circuit integration All in one, compact and flexible
  • JT1401 has a very high response speed and can detect weakly changing airflow. This feature makes this wind speed sensor suitable for wind speed measurement in precision-processed production lines, wind tunnel calibration, tobacco processing, tea processing and storage, aerospace, agriculture, etc. The field of airflow research and control.
  • Structural size:
    detachable protective ball cage and protective cover: anti-mis-touch protective cover, transport protective cover, effectively protect precision parts
  • Application scenario:
    secondary instrument development: (DC5V M12 standard six-pin aviation plug)
    supporting sensors for handheld anemometers,
    HVAC, indoor environment measuring instruments, supporting
    wind speed transmitter probes

    to build wind speed measurement systems: connect multi-channel RS485 data acquisition instruments to build The wind speed measurement system
    can connect multiple wind speed sensors to the RS485 data acquisition instrument through the bracket to build a multi-channel wind speed measurement system for the measurement of indoor airflow organization, HVAC ventilation design, and can also be connected to PLC for indoor monitoring. Airflow is controlled.
Technical Parameters
Parameter name
Technical indicators
structure type
Integrated structure, omnidirectional test
Wind speed range
0-10m/s (0-20m/s can be customized)
Wind Speed ​​Accuracy
0.05-2.0m/s ±(0.05 m/s+2% of reading) >2.0 ±(0.1 m/s±2% of reading)
Response time
(t 63 , 1m/s wind speed, 25°C, tested under standard atmospheric pressure)
Wind temperature range
Wind temperature accuracy
±1°C(<1m/s); ±0.5°C(>1m/s)
test module
output signal
RS485 standard MODBUS protocol
supply voltage
use environment
Probe -25—80°C; 0—90%RH
non-condensing state
Temperature compensation
Interface form
Standard M12X1 six-core aviation connector
Structural material
Stainless steel + polymer material
degree of protection
storage temperature
Protective Ball Cage
protective hat
Cable length can be customized, see selection method