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JT1406 Wind Speed Sensor

Model: JT1406

JT1406 omnidirectional wind speed sensor has high three-dimensional direction uniformity. At the same time, it adopts a miniature special packaging structure with a maximum diameter of about 5mm, which is suitable for small internal spaces such as electrical equipment and FFU. The circuit has a standard RS485 output, and the length of the circuit part is only 93mm. It has certain protection performance and is easy to integrate and use.

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Product Introduction
  • JT1406 specially designed circuits with smaller size and lower power consumption for the integration of third-party equipment, 12V voltage supply, and higher acquisition speed (100ms/time), the wind speed sensor probe is also optional with analog signal output Transmitters, and CAN output can be customized to meet the needs of different users under harsh conditions to the greatest extent.
  • High-precision measurement: ±(0.05m/s+2% of reading)
    Tiny probe size: the maximum diameter of the probe is only 5mm
    Ultra-low power consumption circuit design: specially designed low-power consumption circuit
    Ultra-fast acquisition frequency: the fastest acquisition frequency reaches 10Hz
    Typical applications:
    Dynamic wind fields with small temperature changes and large wind speed fluctuations, especially for places with high requirements for wind speed response speed.
    Test scenarios with high randomness in wind speed and direction:
    Building wind environment, locomotives, automobiles, HVAC, industrial workshops, equipment wind Environment monitoring, system integration, etc.
  • Technical Performance
    Omnidirectional test, no directional constraints: stable and uniform directional response
    JT1406 wind speed sensor probe is omnidirectional response, this performance is especially important for wind speed measurement of unknown wind direction or unstable wind direction, random wind direction, JT1406 in the horizontal The direction has excellent directional response characteristics, and can maintain fast response and accurate measurement at different angles (wind direction perpendicular to the direction of the probe) of the incoming wind direction.
  • High response speed
    Quick Response
    The probe has high sensitivity and can sense weak airflow changes. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of studying airflow organization and electrical heat dissipation. The fast-response wind speed probe and the high-speed acquisition circuit will provide precise test scenarios. Provide better data results.
  • Specification and size
    Shape size
    JT1406 wind speed sensor is a miniature omnidirectional wind speed sensor with a diameter of only 6mm and a probe length of 7cm. It can be installed in small spaces or pipes. It also has excellent measurement accuracy and sensitivity. It is suitable for building components and materials. research, electrical equipment ventilation research, etc.
    JT1406 small probe size, used in a wide range of air-conditioning equipment and closed places for accurate low-velocity air velocity measurement, not only suitable for smaller installation space, but also its high-speed response speed is very important for precision measurement, JT1406 not only With RS485Modbus protocol output, it also provides CAN protocol customization service for customers with higher requirements (CAN protocol requires you to agree with our company on the customization service before purchasing)