JANTYTECH’s JT2011 index provides protection for multiple marathon events

Release time: 2023-06-10 Author: Views: 57

With the continuous integration of technology and sports in recent years, the WBGT index has frequently appeared in sports events. Since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, FIFA has stipulated that on World Cup days, a special coordinator, medical officer, and referee have the right to decide whether a player can rest twice in the 30th and 75th minutes to cool down and replenish fluids based on the WBGT index (WBGT index>30 ° C) of the stadium. In the 2018 Australian Open final, 35 year old Swiss superstar Federer defeated Siric 3-2 at the closed roofed Rodra Waals Stadium, achieving his 20th career Grand Slam. The main reason for the organizers closing the roofed stadium was due to the unprecedented 32.5 ° C WBGT index that day. In the field of marathon and other road running events, following the practices of most marathon events in the United States, the track weather risk is divided into five levels according to the WBGT index:

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