Application of wind speed sensors in vehicle air conditioning comfort

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Application of wind speed sensors in vehicle air conditioning comfort:
Thermal wind speed sensors can play an important role in measuring the comfort of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles usually use electric drive systems, and compared to traditional cars, their internal mechanical components operate more smoothly, with less vibration and noise,
Providing passengers with a quieter and more comfortable riding experience. However, the air conditioning system of new energy vehicles also needs to consider issues of energy conservation and battery life while ensuring a suitable temperature inside the vehicle. And thermal wind speed sensors can help
The vehicle management system monitors and regulates the air flow rate inside the vehicle in real-time, thereby improving the comfort of new energy vehicles.
The thermal wind speed sensor can accurately monitor the air flow inside the vehicle by measuring the temperature and speed of the air flow. By installing a thermal wind speed sensor at the air outlet of the car’s air conditioning system, real-time monitoring of the temperature inside the car can be achieved
Air flow rate and transmit data to the vehicle management system. The vehicle management system can adjust the working mode of the air conditioning system based on sensor data to achieve a balance between comfort and energy efficiency.
The working principle of a thermistor wind speed sensor is based on the relationship between the temperature and resistance value of the thermistor. When air flows through the sensor, the temperature on the sensor surface will change, thereby changing the resistance value of the thermistor. through
By measuring the change in resistance value of the thermistor, the air flow rate can be calculated and adjusted accordingly based on this data.